Ma Maison Erbil

Live the luxury you deserve!

Ali Dib Group, the mother company of “Ali Dib for modern lighting / High Class” and “Ma Maison for Home Furniture”, was established in Damascus in 1970, by its founder Mr. Fawzi Ali Dib who has a great vision towards this part of the world 37 years ago.

Like father like son, Mr. Zaher Ali Dib expands the success of the Group by creating the finest place for gathering the most important international brands under the umbrella of “Ma Maison”, such as: Fendi, Natuzzi Editions, Caliaitalia, ALF,……………..etc, in one building located in the heart of oldest capital in history, “Damascus”.

Since the date of establishing the Main showroom in Damascus/Syria on 2007, Ma Maison became the lighthouse of elite people and projects to meet their needs and inquiries of home furniture and accessories.

On August 2015, Ma Maison – Erbil branch, worth its place in the promising market of Erbil to supply its elegant society with the best selection of wide range of indoor/outdoor furniture and home accessories provided by a professional crew of sales representatives, designers and engineers who were assigned to present their experience and serve clients in all means.

Ali Dib Group’s mission was and will be always exceeding your highest expectations.

Sat - Thurs : 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM Friday: Closed