Indochine Restaurant


Note that both India and China are large countries that gave rise to a diversity of cultures. In addition, as neighbors for 5000 years, a lot of cultures has been shared and transferred between the two. As such, the cultures are very similar in a lot of ways of eating habitually.

Indochine present to you the only restaurant that serves Indian & Chinese cuisine in Erbil, when it comes to value and good food, IndoChine lives up to its image and is ideal for fine dining serving Indian & Chinese cuisine to kindle your taste buds. Our executive chef, his worldly influences with local inspiration to create cuisine that’s elegant yet approachable.

We take pride in serving you with fresh & delicious food directly from the “Pot” to the “Plate” With quality service & food Indochine is a popular restaurant to visit, with our patrons coming from far and wide for this fine dining experience.

Barzany Namr
Erbil Erbil Governorate IQ
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