Erbil International Equestrian Club

Welcome to Erbil international equestrian club

The Erbil International Equestrian Club (EIEC) is the first and only club in Iraq, and one of very few in the region, which offers a full range of services and fully conforms to international standards.

Come and enjoy riding/jumping lessons for any age, gender or experience level with our skilled and patient trainers who will help to choose the horse from almost thirty that is best suited to your needs. Watch competitions in our indoor and outdoor arenas or new, professional racing track while enjoying refreshment at our Lebanese restaurant or outdoor café. We offer monthly full-service stables for your horse, and if you’d like to stay with us, several villas are available for short or long term rental. If you join our club, you’ll have access to additional VIP services and reduced prices. Wedding and birthday celebrations can be held at the club, and here are even safe areas for children to play while family members are riding.

Construction on the first arena and stables began in 2007 when Darin Group committed substantial financial backing to what has grown into a multimillion dollar project, the only one of its kind in the Kurdistan region and throughout greater Iraq. It grew, step by step, and in 2011, became the Erbil International Equestrian Club. Under the direct supervision of world class trainers and equestrian experts, it has become a truly unique venue, with international best practices strictly followed. For example, all horses at the club have received a certificate of “high health, high performance” by the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE), meaning that they are under continuous veterinary supervision and of general high health status in order to be fit to compete in international competitions.

Come visit the Erbil International Equestrian Club, and have a truly memorable experience.

Massif Salahadin Road
Pirmam أربيل محافظة IQ
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EVERY DAY:9:00AM - 12:00PM, 5:00PM - 10:00PM